Magic Launchpad Presents. Fanton Road-to-IDO $200,000 in $FTON Prize Pool. Magic Square x FantonMagic Launchpad Presents. Fanton Road-to-IDO $200,000 in $FTON Prize Pool. Magic Square x FantonMagic Launchpad Presents. Fanton Road-to-IDO $200,000 in $FTON Prize Pool. Magic Square x Fanton

Fanton Project Overview and Campaign Details

Project Overview

The innovative TON Ecosystem welcomes its latest addition, Fanton, the first play-to-earn Fantasy Football game integrated into Telegram, featuring hand-drawn NFTs and real-time rewards. This unique platform allows players to create fantasy football teams and participate in tournaments, leveraging the performance of real footballers in matches to determine scores. Fanton is set to revolutionize the Fantasy Football genre with its seamless integration into Telegram, requiring no app downloads, and offering a user-friendly experience with extensive use of NFTs for gameplay and rewards.

Fanton Highlights

  • First Play-to-Earn Fantasy Football Game in Telegram: Fanton allows players to create fantasy football teams with hand-drawn NFTs on the TON blockchain.
  • Seamless Integration: Play directly within Telegram without needing additional app downloads.
  • Real-Time Rewards: Win prizes like NFTs and Toncoin/Fanton Tokens based on real match performances.

Statistics: 2.7M registered users, 200K+ MAU, and 1.1M community members.

NFT Ecosystem: Extensive use of NFTs for gameplay and rewards, integrated with the GetGems marketplace.

Market Potential: The game taps into a $25 billion per year market with a 15% growth rate.

Game in telegramFantasy football. Users make a team of 5 players; Football players actions in a real life give their cards points; Points for 5 players are summed up = team score; Teams which scored more points than others - wins valuable assets.

Fanton Partners

  • COINTELEGRAPH The future of money
  • TONcoin.Fun
  • Kenetic
  • getgems
  • yolo investments
  • TOP
  • Tonstarter
  • TON

About the Campaign

To celebrate the upcoming release of the $FTON Token by Fanton, they have allocated $200,000 in Token Rewards to their Road-to-IDO Campaign. This campaign aims to expand the Fanton ecosystem and community, rewarding the most active users on the platform and across social media.
Your level of activity and engagement directly increases your potential to earn more $FTON tokens!

Magic Square is proud to host and manage this campaign, offering complete support to all participants.

Campaign Tasks

Participants will be required to complete various tasks to earn rewards. These tasks include:

  • Social Media Engagement: Liking, sharing, and commenting on Fanton-related posts.
  • Content Creation: Producing blogs, videos, and other content about Fanton.
  • Platform Activity: Actively using Fanton by creating teams, participating in tournaments, and engaging with other users.

Fanton can be used 100% free, allowing users to familiarize themselves with the platform. However, participating in paid activities will grant users extra XP, increasing their chances of earning more rewards and gaining higher rankings in the campaign.

A key part of the campaign is joining the Amazing Fanton Euro2024 Tournament, which offers extra rewards beyond the campaign prize pool

Play Euro-2024
  • Prize Pool$200,000 in $FTON TokensRewards will be distributed based on XP, and we will also hold a weekly raffle to give everyone a chance to win.
  • Token Value0.0240$IDO Price
  • Campaign Duration14th of June - IDO Date
  • Road-to-IDO Distribution10% on TGE, 3 months cliff, 6 months vesting

Steps to Join the Campaign

  • 1

    Register for a Magic Store Account

  • 2

    Add an EVM Wallet to your MagicID

  • 3

    Create a username and verify your email

  • 4

    Link your TON Wallet to your MagicID

  • 5

    Link Telegram to your MagicID

  • 6

    Pass Proof-of-Liveness Verification

  • 7

    Visit the Campaign Page to complete tasks

  • 8

    Monitor your standing on the Leaderboard to track your progress.
    Rewards will be distributed based on your campaign XP proportionally

  • 9

    Fanton will directly airdrop your reward to your Ton Wallet following the TGE

Only one account per user is permitted. Duplicate accounts will be blocked from the campaign.

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