Magic Launchpad Presents Storm Trade Road-to-IDO 5,000,000 $STORM Prize PoolMagic Launchpad Presents Storm Trade Road-to-IDO 5,000,000 $STORM Prize PoolMagic Launchpad Presents Storm Trade Road-to-IDO 5,000,000 $STORM Prize Pool

Storm Trade Project Overview and Campaign Details

Project Overview

The rapidly growing TON Ecosystem is welcoming its latest innovation, Storm Trade, the first perpetual DEX on the TON blockchain, backed by Ton Ventures. This groundbreaking platform integrates directly with Telegram to deliver a trading experience with up to 50x leverage and features a diverse array of trading options in crypto, commodities, stocks, and forex. Storm Trade is set to captivate the next 10 million DeFi users with its high-yield liquidity pools, social-fi elements like trading tournaments and NFT collections, and a user-friendly interface complete with TradingView charts. Ensuring top-tier security through full decentralization and advanced protocols, Storm Trade is poised to redefine the boundaries of decentralized trading.

First social-Fi leveraged in TelegramTrade with leverage up to x50

Storm Trade Partners

  • COINTELEGRAPH The future of money
  • Gotbit hedge funds
  • TONcoin.Funds
  • PYTH
  • Tonstarter
  • Tonkeeper

Storm Trade KOLs

  • HanzoHanzo
  • Daan Crypto TradesDaan Crypto Trades
  • EllioTradesEllioTrades

About the Campaign

To celebrate the launch of the Magic Launchpad and the upcoming release of the $STORM Token by Storm Trade, they have allocated 5,000,000 $STORM tokens to the Storm Trade Road-to-IDO Campaign. This campaign aims to expand the Storm Trade ecosystem and community, rewarding the most active users on the platform and across social media.
Alongside the Campaign Prize Pool, participants in this campaign will also receive whitelisting for further allocations in the Storm Trade IDO, which will be hosted on the Magic Launchpad. More details will be provided soon.
Your level of activity and engagement directly increases your potential to earn more $STORM tokens!
Magic Square is proud to host and manage this campaign, offering complete support to all participants.

  • Prize Pool5,000,000 $STORM0.5% from Total 1,000,000,000 Supply
  • Token Price$0.012IDO Price
  • Campaign DurationMay 9th - TGE DateTGE Estimated start of June 2024
  • Distribution15% at TGE and then 6-month linear

Steps to Join the Campaign

  • 1

    Register for a Magic Store Account

  • 2

    Add an EVM Wallet to your MagicID

  • 3

    Create a username and verify your email

  • 4

    Link your TON Wallet to your MagicID

  • 5

    Complete one of the following

    • Pass Proof-of-Humanity verification
    • Connect your Gitcoin Passport to your MagicID
  • 6

    Visit the Campaign Page to complete tasks

  • 7

    Monitor your standing on the Leaderboard to track your progress.
    Rewards will be distributed based on your campaign XP proportionally

  • 8

    Storm Trade will directly airdrop your reward to your Ton Wallet following the TGE

Only one account per user is permitted. Duplicate accounts will be blocked from the campaign.

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