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Web3 bet pong game

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Web3 task-based marketplace

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In Real Life metaverse game inspired by Pokémon

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Spells of Genesis


Trading Card Game

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Ninja Blaze
  • 15.52 SQR$1.5
  • 1678/1785
Earn $1.5 in $SQR by Playing at least 1 Free Roshambo Game on Ninja Blaze
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Neptune Mutual #4
  • 18 SQR
  • 713/713
Earn 18 $SQR by Purchasing a Cover Policy on Neptune Mutual
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  • 15.52 SQR$1.5
  • 1471/1487
Earn $1.5 in $SQR by Chatting With at Least 3 Replicas on Sensay
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Earn 50¢ USDT by Completing the CoinMusme Campaign

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05 Jun 2024

Stepping into #XKODE is like unlocking a treasure trove of digital delights! 🎁 From the hottest football tickets to the most versatile eSims, and a vast array of gift cards perfect for any occasion, they've got it all. Plus, the promise of anonymity adds that extra layer of convenience we all crave. A true digital marketplace gem! 🛒⚽️📱 #GiftCards #eSims #Football #Anonymity #DigitalMarketplaceRead More ››

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23 May 2024

AutoLayer stands as a beacon of innovation in the DeFi ecosystem, especially within the Arbitrum network. As a finance app dedicated to Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRT), it not only simplifies but also amplifies the restaking process by tapping into the capabilities of EigenLayer. The user interface is a marvel of design, offering a seamless one-click solution that allows users to restake their assets into a variety of LRT and LST options. This feature is a significant time-saver and reduces the complexity often associated with yield generation and staking strategies. What impresses most about AutoLayer is its ability to conserve and compound yields effectively. In an environment where maximizing returns can often mean navigating a labyrinth of platforms and options, AutoLayer stands out for its straightforward approach. The app facilitates a hands-off experience for users who want their investments to grow with minimal intervention.Read More ››

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