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Vendetta Games


An ecosystem with a score to settle

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Free to play sports prediction game for NFTs

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Centralized exchange

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Xade Finance


A DeFi-powered Decentralised Bank.

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05 Jan 2024

Enkrypt is a multi chain crypto wallet by MEW. Regarding the wallet, it has a decent interface and one can easily find all tabs with a great design.Easy to use for both beginners and experienced users. Enkrypt offers almost all services like you can use it to store your crypto,send and receive crypto, you can also buy crypto plus swap function is also available. Moreover it also supports Nfts. Another feature is privacy and as per the developers it doesn't track or sell personal user data and gives you complete control of your fund. Although it looks a great platform/project but many such wallets are available, so to compete and attract users it should introduce new unique features and other incentives for users.Read More ››

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04 Jan 2024

I have seen and played many games on Blockchain but MotoDEX is the first motorcycle racing game I came across on Blockchain technology. It is a play to earn platform where gamers participate in motorcycle racing,develop their riders and improve high-speed tracks. As far as the game is concerned, it is a bit difficult to play than traditional motorcycle racing games.However you will appretthe developers for its easy controls, fantastic visuals and overall game atmosphere. Since this is a new idea so I will keep a close eye on how this game attract users, bring regular updates and incentives/rewards for users. Overall great effort by the team.Read More ››

noawde avatarnoawde26193.75
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