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Vendetta Games


An ecosystem with a score to settle

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Web3 bet pong game

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Web3 task-based marketplace

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In Real Life metaverse game inspired by Pokémon

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Good job
05 Jan 2024

Daren Market leverages blockchain's smart contract technology to establish a decentralized ordering process, offering users a streamlined and minimalist trading experience. The use of smart contracts enhances transparency, security, and efficiency in the marketplace. This approach aligns with the broader trend of utilizing blockchain for decentralized applications, aiming to redefine traditional processes and create more user-centric trading environments. For a more in-depth evaluation, details about the platform's security measures, supported features, and user feedback would be valuable. Overall, the focus on decentralization and a minimalist trading experience suggests an effort to simplify and enhance the user journey within the blockchain-based marketplace.Read More ››

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04 Jan 2024

Kiraverse presents itself as a free-to-play multiplayer game, offering users the opportunity to compete and earn digital assets through various competitive game modes. The emphasis on team-based play, token rewards, and collectibles introduces an engaging dynamic for players. Notably, the option to freely trade or rent acquired assets adds a layer of flexibility to the in-game economy. The inclusion of risk-based matches that allow users to earn cryptocurrency adds an innovative twist, aligning with the evolving landscape of play-to-earn gaming. Additionally, the feature of importing custom characters into the Kiraverse through Pixel-to-Poly enhances the platform's personalization and creativity. For a more comprehensive assessment, details about the game's graphics, user interface, and community feedback would be valuable. Overall, Kiraverse appears to be a promising venture that combines multiplayer gaming, play-to-earn mechanics, and creative customization in a free-to-play model.Read More ››

thanhphan avatarthanhphan42317.65
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