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Fone Network


Custom Mobile Blockchain with DePIN, AI, NFTs

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Solana Token Creator


Easily Create a Solana Token without coding

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Web3 Gamefi Platform

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Swoop Exchange


The best place for optimal swaps across chains.

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Finceptor Staking
  • 49.02 SQR$5
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Earn $5 in $SQR by Staking at least $1 in $FINC on Finceptor
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MetaFighter <> GAMETY
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Earn 50¢ in $SQR by Completing the GAMETY Campaign
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Foxsy AI
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Earn 50¢ in $SQR by Completing the Foxsy AI Campaign
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Earn 50¢ USDT by Completing the CoinMusme Campaign

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Looks like a scam
14 May 2024

I deposited $1 USDC today just to test. One hour later TVL 33% instant drop from 270K to 180K. My $1 become $0.98 and stopped generating yield with yield in 15 hours got to $0.016 then paused and refuse to allow positive gain. TVL also continues drop to $150 K. I am afraid this time is all hurt all pain for the 40 other investors investing in this only one 696.78% APR USDC.e single stake polygon pool.Read More ››

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