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Fone Network


Custom Mobile Blockchain with DePIN, AI, NFTs

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Solana Token Creator


Easily Create a Solana Token without coding

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IN is a cross-platform MMORPG match3 genre.

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Web3 Gamefi Platform

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For all football and crypto fans
12 Jun 2024

I've been passionate about football all my life. I like to play with friends and also watch on TV. At the same time, it is always much more interesting to watch if you have an argument with someone regarding the results of the fight. The platform is perfect for this! The project team selects only the most interesting championships, so taking part in the arenas is very interesting. The platform has very well thought out game mechanics. You can always find an interesting mode for yourself.Read More ››

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No limits, no restrictions with XKODE
05 Jun 2024

We all make purchases online almost every day. I think each of you at least once asked the question “Why do they ask me for my personal data? What do different companies do with them then?“ Yes, we sign all sorts of non-disclosure agreements, but I would be happy if I didn’t have to tell anyone information about myself at all. The second question that I also hear often is “Can I pay for my order with crypto?” And if the question concerns the world of real things, then the answer is almost always “Unfortunately, no ((” XKODE solves both of these problems! The company writes about itself: “We redefine the essence of confidential online shopping, presenting an exquisite array of products and experiences that can be acquired discreetly through the use of 140+ cryptocurrencies.” Already now you can find on their website a huge selection of different items that can be bought absolutely anonymously and for almost any cryptocurrency. For me, this project has become a real discovery and I will definitely use it and follow its development.Read More ››

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