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An ecosystem with a score to settle

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Free to play sports prediction game for NFTs

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Centralized exchange

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A DeFi-powered Decentralised Bank.

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DEX aggregator
17 Jan 2024

1inch is a DEX Aggregator Protocol that allows users to trade tokens at the best prices on the market and with low slippage. To do that, 1inch has applied a smart routing solution - Pathfinder. Besides, 1inch's goal is not just to stop with Aggregator, but also a larger ecosystem. Specifically, on April 9, 2021, 1inch officially launched 1inch Network including: 1inch Aggregator: What has made 1inch's brand, helping users experience Swap assets with liquidity from many places, causing less slippage and cheaper fees. 1inch Liquidity Protocol: Next generation AMM, protecting users against Front-run, and bringing capital efficiency to liquidity providers. 1inch DAO: The DAO manages 1inch, votes on parameters, and participates in network governance. 1inch Labs: Team builds decentralized software, developing open source user-governed protocols through the 1inch DAO. 1inch Foundation: Non-profit organization that issued the 1INCH token. This fund is used to develop 1inch's network and initiatives that benefit the community. The 1inch Foundation contributes through grants and other means. In addition to users being able to trade on the exchange, from June 5, 2021, 1inch has started OTC trading. You do not need to pay gas fee when trading OTC. 1inch gradually becomes a large ecosystem with many outstanding products in the defi fieldRead More ››

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Multichain Liquid Ktaking Platform
11 Jan 2024

Stader Labs is building the middleware infrastructure layer for multiple PoS networks. The project is taking a modular approach to building contracts for third parties that can leverage project components to build a number of staking solutions. Stader will offer five main staking product groups that can cater to the majority of requirements: Secure key assets and build an ecosystem around rewards, decentralized Liquid Staking tokens, leveraged staking rewards for fun, captive platform for institutions, all-in-one staking APIs for exchanges. At its core, Stader aims to solve the challenges of the staking ecosystem in its modular architecture, allowing the project and third parties to seamlessly build staking products and accelerate speed. innovation level.Read More ››

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